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My name is Mariya and I take pictures most of the time. I am ** years old, you can insert any number here.




I am a master in Sustainable Urban Design, who turned photographer before being a graduated urban planner. Photography has never been part of my university studies. I am self-thaught and have a thing (more like many things) for beauty.




I've been a photographer for the last 14 years, and during the last six I've been doing it while taking care of my two kids.


I've shot fashion editorials, covers, cover stories, look books, ad-campaigns, line sheets, personal projects, business portraits, contemporary dance projects, events, weddings and prenatal shoots of dear friends and a big personal social project on maternity leave in post-soviet Bulgaria and moms who work and change the social and physical environment of their cities while taking care of their babies.




I have had tree solo exhibitions in my home town Burgas, Bulgaria. 


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