Mariya Sabotinova

Soft souls

And now, if you still haven't GoT it - Winter is coming!

As I've said before humidity is bad in Burgas, it's not bad only in summer, but also in winter. It makes temperatures feel cooler than they are and my kid's room is facing north-west and in the Northern hemisphere that means cold is cold. 

I was in a search of good shoes for the house since I'm not happy with what Marko had inherited from his brother. I wouldn't recommend his previous house shoes anyway. 

Of course, thanks to my friend Mariya (God bless her and her family), I met the Soft Souls! Oh, and they match your baby carrier! In my case my topaz wrap from Soul. 



It is something I highly recommend - non-slippery, warm, soft, lined and pretty for boys and girls. They have sherpa insole which makes them perfect for indoors or soft, smooth and grassy outdoor surfaces. Their trademark soles are made of soft and pliable faux suede that grips well and stretches easily. If you would like to buy them for warmer months - you can get the linen soft souls and they go in the colour palette of the baby carriers too!


Sizing goes from 0-6 months, 6-12 months, 12-18 months, 18-24 months and 2 years.

I got Marko the 18-24 months size so he can fit in longer but I would definetely get also a pair for 2 year old.

Not now because I would probably wait to see if there will be new colours coming.

Bear loves them also.